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He Of The Barely Pronounceable Name, Exemplar Of Efficient Extermination

Fearful overlord of Clan 9 From Outer Space, xris rules with an apathy awesome to behold. The policies and strategies of "that yellow bastard" (as some Earthlings have named him), even if studied repeatedly and painfully at all-too-close range, resist interpretation. A less perceptive observer might mistake the manifestations of his vast and many-faceted intelligence for sociopathic rampages of destruction, rather than the precision implementation of The Plan that we hope (er, know) them to be.

xris favors the high-velocity application of explosives as his executive problem-solving tool of choice. It is always safest to assume that xris possesses whatever weapons or armor that you most fervently wish he did not. His avowed mission upon entering a level is to force all others to leave in despair.

Personal colors: 12 12

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