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Zombie Slave Of Alien Overlords

Abducted in 1972 while standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, TheSheriff now pursues his law enforcement duties with a glaze-eyed slack-jawed zeal that can only be obtained from a top notch zombie Earthling slave. The purest front-line cannon fodder, one of thousands of zombie slaves who walk undetected among you, TheSheriff is nevertheless unique in the length of time that he has managed to survive in the service of our wise but demanding Plan. Earthlings would be wise to give a wide berth to this undead veteran.

TheSheriff uses whatever weapon we tell him to use. Our law is his law. We can make him wear funny clothes if we're feeling mischievous. But on the plus side for him, our donut technology is far superior to Earth's.

Personal colors: 6 2

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