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This Take-Out Will Take You Out

It was an ordinary, run-of-the-mill abduction of a grad student on a late-night run for Chinese take-out. But something went horribly wrong. In a rare and gruesome malfunction of the Mothership's Abduct-O-Matic transportation beam, the molecules of the student and his conveniently packaged meal were scrambled together and melded into a single fearsome monster: part man, part white meat, and with a fowl disposition.

Known only by a cryptic label found on the original container, the creature called SesameChkn spends the day brooding in a super-economy-size take-out carton on the deck of the Mothership. When the shroud of night falls, masking his twisted (yet tastily breaded) shape, SesameChkn ventures forth with terrible hatred for for his undisfigured erstwhile human brethren! Fear him!

Personal colors: ? ?

(need Quake picture here...)