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Invisible, Intangible, Invincible

The fearsome and mysterious null is often the last sight seen by expiring Earthlings... that is, when they can see him at all. Although normally formless and shapeless, null can exercise his formidable will to assume a degree of solidity, allowing him to perform vital tasks like donning an Earthling disguise (as shown above in one of the few existing images of null), pulling the trigger on a rocket launcher, or operating his TV's remote control.

Ranging far afield on special missions for the Clan, null uses his unique nature to infiltrate places unattainable to lesser beings: locked rooms... secure vaults... the Well of Wishes... the top position on the scoreboard. null could be coming for you next. But don't look over your shoulder; you won't see him until it's too late.

Personal colors: 15 12

(need Quake picture here...)