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Bringer Of Chaos, Discord, And Many Shotgun Pellets

havoc, Prime Acquirer in the Abductions division of the Public Relations department, tends to emphasize quantity over quality in the specimens, or remains thereof, that he returns to the mothership. Nevertheless it is hard to fault such enthusiasm, and anyway he has tenure. Besides providing us with valuable research subjects, havoc's forays into Earthling civilization spread the panic and disruption that are essential precursors of The Day.

havoc has abandoned the electric cattle prod in favor of the shotgun as his chosen means of Earthling crowd control. His remarkable lack of regard for self-preservation as he carries out his Acquirer duties is legendary. In the past, the higher echelons of the Clan have occasionally questioned his methods, but they have always eventually yielded to his expertise in the field.

Personal colors: 10 10

havoc colors