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Disembodied Brain, Ungentle Earthling-Chastiser

The near-incalculable ocean of data gathered from the Clan's observation of Earth flows through bank after bank of glowing tubes, row after row of blinking lights, and eventually and most importantly into getalife, the Disembodied Brain. After days and weeks of unremitting number-crunching to further The Plan, getalife refreshes its neurons by joining extermination exercises via an Earthling body, remote-controlled by the Clan 9 servochip implanted in the head (and indeed, in every Earthling's head).

getalife is especially exasperated by Earthlings that whine about the stresses of their job, when they only work a measly 22 hours per day or less. Try being a Disembodied Brain for a while, you slackers! Eat lightning!

Personal colors: 9 9

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