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Card-Carrying Mad Scientist And Evil Genius

Unlicensed by any medical board in the galaxy, eeevil nevertheless enjoys practicing impromptu major surgery on any Earthlings that cross his path, as research for his ghastly projects deep in the Experimental Pits. The shrieks of despair echoing from behind the closed doors of eeevil's workshop indicate perhaps that it is better to be gibbed by eeevil than to be taken alive. (On the other hand, that may just be the latest ISO 9000 Quality Assurance auditing team.)

It may seem that eeevil is one of the more easily understood Clan members. As one might expect, he enjoys taking the field in an extermination exercise after a long hard day making death rays and atomic mutant swamp creatures. It is also easy to see that he is an advocate of applied research, as indicated by his fondness for applying his lightning gun to nearby Earthlings. But do not be misled. When dealing with eeevil, one must always keep two things in mind: 1) he is, after all, Mad, and 2) "the three E's are for Extra Extra Evil!"

Personal colors: 13 11

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