lemurboy:    clan creation; Web site; all C9 quake servers
xris:        The Mothership server; regular beatings
ahnuld:      smack talking and QSmack; testosterone
eeevil:      server hardware; the power of the dark side
havoc:       "Havocian" strategies; shotgun dances
null:        six degrees of John Carmack; inveterate hacking
VanillaIce:  phat beats.  `nuff said.
SesameChkn:  Avoid the Chicken!; server hardware, part II
JoeBoo:      C9, the next generation; Baby Ruths
TheSheriff:  law enforcement; bagels; courage under (lots of) fire
getalife:    real-life alien; carpal tunnel test subject
carnivore:   perspective...