The Experimental Pits

Recent changes

03-16-98: The time has come; The Pits are closed. Last person out please turn off the lights.

03-02-98: The Pits are going to end their erratic existence soon because of a hardware downgrade our server will be experiencing.

12-03-97: Due to somewhat popular demand, the Quake Rally server is back, now on port 26003.

11-20-97: Change of venue: the Experimental Pits is now a Malice server. Revamping of this page is still, uh, TBD. :-)

08-04-97: OK, the Experimental Pits is now a Quake Rally track. This page will get revamped once I get back from a mini-break. The old Pits page is still available if you need it for some reason.