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Hybrid modeling

Research Area: Biological modeling
Status: Not started  
  • Xiling Shen
Project page
Activity of the master regulator proteins is closely coupled with cell cycle progression through feedback signals indicating the rates of progression of cell functions such as DNA. Hence it is necessary to model the cell functions to ensure correct timing for the regulatory network even though they are hard to model mechanistically using continuous ODEs due to their complexity. In our novel hybrid modeling approach, the cell functions, modeled empirically as discrete event driven logic, and the regulatory network, modeled as continuous ODEs, are integrated in a hybrid simulation to mirror the in-vivo feedback control. The resulting model has been invaluable in investigating the roles of various cell regulated factors. The levels of regulatory proteins and mutant phenotypes are predicted accurately by the simulation. The hybrid model was implemented in Matlab. The empirical discrete subsystem was implemented using Simulink and the continuous ODE subsystem was implemented using Stateflow.

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