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An efficient test vector generation for checking analog/mixed-signal functional models
Research Area: Rethinking Analog Design Year: 2010
Type of Publication: In Proceedings  
Book title: DAC '10 Proceedings of the 47th Design Automation Conference
This paper presents an approach to generate test vectors to characterize analog/mixed-signal circuits and its application to check the correspondence between a circuit and its HDL functional model. Interestingly, the abstract behavior of most analog circuits is a linear system, but sometimes only when viewed through a transformation of variables. When linearity holds, validation for the consistency between a circuit and a model can be efficiently performed with a small set of test vectors that grows linearly with the number of analog inputs. The linear abstraction for analog circuits also helps us distinguish different types of analog and digital I/O ports and verify their consistency effectively. We demonstrate the implemented tool by comparing a simple serial link receiver against its functional model.
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